Pinea - Milano
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What we do

  The trouble-free entry into the Italian market

We manage the acquisition of real estate (whether residential, industrial/commercial or agricultural) with a “turn key” approach: you tell us what you would like to buy and we simply find it; then we accompany you throughout the process until you become the registered owner.

And we can advise and assist you in planning, implementing and managing maintenance / restoration and interior design works.

In a few words: we will help you to make your move into the Italian real estate market in a trouble-free way.

Above all, we believe in a transparent approach with a full and detailed disclosure of all the activities carried out and a pre-approved fee, costs and expenses approach.

Pinea srl - Piazza F. Durante, 6 - 20131 Milano - tel. 02 2892480 - C.F. - P.Iva 07341380157 - Numero REA MI 1153037 -
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